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Flyfishing Guanaja, Honduras

Our lodge is located in the Bay Islands of Honduras on a small pristine island 20 minutes from Guanaja. The lodge is surrounded by miles of flats that are home to some of the finest fly-fishing for Bonefish and Permit in the world. Bonefish here tend to be larger than other popular destinations such as Belize. Having fished all over the world I believe that the concentration of Permit on the flats around our lodge is unsurpassed. It is not uncommon to have 12-15 shots a day at these selective feeders. The flats here are rarely fished making it easier to stalk and cast.

Your accommodations are on a private island roughly 4 acres with four beach houses and a tiki bar and restaurant in a beautiful and relaxing open-air setting. Breakfast and dinner are served here for our guests.  In addition to the outstanding fishing, the reef offers world class diving and snorkeling.

Being a private beach house there is nobody to bother you, just peace and the sound of the ocean. This is a great place for couples or a group.

Cost of this trip is $2,750.00 based on 6 days of fishing.




The Guanaja area is known as one of the top Permit destinations in the world!  Each day you will have multiple shots at Permit in the 5-15 lb range with quite a few bigger fish present.


The crystal clear flats around Guanaja are home to many bonefish. These fish are a pound or two bigger on average than those up the coast in Belize. Three to five pound fish are typical with a few bigger fish. Unlike Belize where you find huge schools of micro-bones, here there are smaller schools of larger fish.

Trigger FishOcean Triggerfish

This is a special treat found in very few areas--Giant Ocean Triggerfish on the flats! Where the reefs, blue water, and flats come in close contact, these monsters range in to pick up small crabs and shrimp. Their dark shapes are a frequent sight on the edge of the flats as they wallow alone or in pairs munching on crabs like giant black hogs . These ultra-selective feeders challenge the best of us to find a pattern to entice them to eat. Hooking one is a huge victory in and of itself; getting one to the boat is even more difficult. The runs of a permit pale in comparison to these speedsters that will strip your reel in seconds. Nowhere else on Earth will you get the opportunity to target this species like you can in Guanaja.

Blue RunnerJacks - Snapper - Runners - Barracuda

Some of the lesser sought species like Crevalle Jack are dynamite on the fly! When you get into a school of jacks it can tire you out pulling against these speed demons. A wide variety of snapper species are present, along with blue runners (left), horseeye jack, Spanish mackeral, and barracuda.

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