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Honduras Equipment List

Rods: 9 and 10 weight fast-action rods are best for most situations. Winds can be challenging, so the heavier line is very helpful.

Reels: A high-quality disc drag reel with at least 200 yards of backing.

Lines: A "tropical" line is essential. Traditional fly lines will turn into rubber bands in the heat and won't shoot through the guides. Most manufacturers make a tropical (or "bonefish") line that utilizes a braided monofilament core. Floating line will cover almost every situation.

Flies: A typical selection of small bonefish and permit flies is good. Specialty patterns to mimic the natural foods like the dark green crab can make or break a day. Dark green and orange shrimp patterns are also popular. The water is shallow so unweighted patterns are preferred. We sell local patterns at the lodge if you can't find them at home.

Leaders and Tippet Material: Minimum 12 foot eight to twelve pound leaders. Fluorocarbon is recommended.

Footwear: Flats boots or wading shoes are perfect. A hard sole bottom is important because of crushed shells and urchin spines.

Shirts: Lightweight, long sleeve flats shirts are best. The sun is incredible and long sleeves are the best protection against it.

Sunglasses: High-quality POLARIZED sunglasses are a must! Aside from your rod and reel, these are the most important piece of equipment you will bring. Amber lenses are recommended.

Hat: A long billed, wide-brimmed baseball hat or fishing hat is essential to block glare and protect your eyes and forehead from the sun.

Sunscreen: Get at least SPF 15, higher is better. If you burn easily, you should consider sun gloves and long pants.

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