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Introduction to New Zealand

New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the top trout fisheries in the world. With its lush sub-tropical forests and towering snow capped peaks, New Zealand is an angler's dream. To the fly angler it is the pinnacle of trout destinations. Nowhere in the world can you experience the size and quality of the trout and the fairy tale beauty that New Zealand’s rivers have to offer.

We have two operations in New Zealand which gives the angler the opportunity to experience two distinct regions each with their own splendor and beauty. Located on the North Island in the Town of Opotiki is our Farm B&B. The Raucumra mountain range and the Urewera National Park, both extremely remote and rugged, are home to some of the largest rainbow and brown trout in the world. Access to these rivers is achieved by an awesome helicopter ride into this remote area. There are also many rivers close to our farm with excellent fishing which can be accessed by vehicle. One of our favorites is a golf ball drive away.

Our South Island B&B is owned by Aaron Ford of Uppacreek Guiding. He also runs our North Island Operation. We are nestled between the Mount Arthur and Richmond mountain ranges. Brown trout are the primary fish here in the Nelson region. Scenery here is also spectacular with a lush remote backcountry and snow capped peaks. While helicopter travel is key to accessing the most remote areas, there is also excellent drive-to fishing that will allow those with a tighter budget to still experience world-class angling.

Ask anyone that has been to New Zealand what they loved most about their trip and you will usually hear “the people” within the first few sentences.. Warm in conversation and always welcoming, it is hard to find a more pleasant group of folks to spend your vacation time with. In addition to great people, great land, and great fishing, the food and wine in New Zealand is second to none. Nelson is the epicenter for the New Zealand wine industry and you will be astounded at the quality of the food. Add to this almost a 2 for 1 exchange rate, and you have a very enjoyable world-class experience.

World Class Trout Fishing

There has been much research on why these fish reach such large average sizes (trout weighing 4-6 pounds are common). But there has been no firm answer. Some say it is the long growing season, the lack of people and/or the lack of fishing pressure. I am often asked why there appear to be no small trout. I don't know the answer to that but the result is a fishery that is second to none. With continued conservation and regulation it will remain a world class fishery.

Fly fishing in New Zealand is done by vehicular travel, hiking trips, or by helicopter.  For those with time on their side, the walk into these rivers is spectacular. You are one on one with the New Zealand bush. This is the best way to experience the flora and fauna of New Zealand. If time is of the essence either driving or flying is the way to go. As our guest we walk, drive, or fly you to the best locations New Zealand has to offer.

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