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Michigan Equipment Needed

Rods: Rods for trout (dry fly) 4-5, Streamer rods 6-7wt fast action, Steelhead 6-8wt fast action, Salmon 8-10wt fast action.

 Flies: All flies and terminal tackle provided.

Footwear: Flats boots or wading shoes are perfect. A hard sole bottom is important because of crushed shells and urchin spines.

Foul Weather Clothing: A Good quality Rain Coat, Breathable Waders or whatever you are comfortable in.  For under garment during cold weather capilene in preferred as cotton absorbs moisture.

Sunglasses: High-quality POLARIZED sunglasses are recommended.

 Sunscreen: Get at least SPF 15, higher is better. If you burn easily, you should consider sun gloves and long pants.

License: A Michigan Fishing License is required.  Please make sure that you get the All Species License.  Please follow this link to purchase your Michigan Fishing License.  MDNRE E-License

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